Our team of personnel partners
together with gourmet food manufacturers in order to supply a vast range of quality and fresh products.

We understand busy business life, and know the importance of having what you want, when you need it – which is why we believe having a relational based quality servie of the best which is the key to your satisfaction and repeat buy.



JACK  and JAPHET  provides toll and turnkey contract supply to companies large and small, operating under our guiding strategy to delight our customers through excellent execution, optimal equipment utilization and a passion for personal growth.

The success of our brand hinges on the consistency and quality of the products we produce. As a food manufacturing company, our job is to be the most reliable link in your supply chain, ensuring that every production run meets your specifications and schedule, every time.

Our people work for you with excellent equipment, we know the race is never won by the car, but the driver. That’s why we put our people first. Our comprehensive training programs, documented processes and committed people provide you with the security of knowing that Jack and Japhet has your back for your food supply needs. Our employees are stewards of your products. You will have a dedicated customer account manager who will address your requests promptly and continually exceed your expectations. And because we refuse to create products that compete with our customers, you can always trust that our sole desire is to see you succeed. Our people go to great lengths to protect your proprietary information so you always feel safe.


We produce, manufacture and offer Private Label at the same time.   But, even for a food manufacturing company, food research and development is not always an easy process. A food production company often has facilities designed only for long production runs, not the small batches needed during the testing phase of development. That, in addition to the fact that Jack and Japhet protects its customers by refusing to create its own products and brands that would compete with them.

Jack and Japhet  has the personnel experience and willingness to work with you side by side to run trials and fine-tune ingredients and processes until we achieve the results you want. Since we are in the contract food development business, we are set up to handle the frequent small batches and short runs necessary for the fine-tuning stage of food product development. After the trial and pilot phase, we move to full-scale runs that assist you in bringing the new products to consumers.

We work with your team to establish specific processing parameters, create samples and scale up economically into production.

When the time is right, we can continue assisting you with full-scale, production-quantity runs, helping you validate your process and ensure regulatory compliance while reducing time to market. We work hard to help you bring innovative new products to customers and consumers.


We take great care in fine-tuning ingredients and processes and we will run as many trials as it takes to find the right solution for your manufacturing needs. Our team of experts stays current with food industry trends and regulatory requirements so you can call on our expertise throughout the entire process.

 Great  quality 


Our sole focus as a highly regarded food product development company is working with you to get your products right, and we bring all of our expertise to the task. We don’t have to juggle equipment and set-ups to accommodate both commercial-quantity and development-quantity runs. And since we don’t develop our own food products, we don’t have to pass along the high costs of a full-scale R&D department to our customers.

Creating innovative new products helps ensure that your food manufacturing company will continue to grow. But for any food product research and development project, you must ask yourself whether you have the right equipment and the right people to complete the multiple meticulous trials necessary to get the formula and process just right. Can you afford to interrupt your production cycles for repeated test lots, or is it more efficient for your food developers to work with PacMoore to perfect your product?

Partnering with us is the easy way to get ready to market without disrupting your existing production processes. With Jack and Japhet, you have easy access to the right expertise and the right equipment.

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The caliber of good food processing will determine the quality of end product. Jack and Japhet have the right tools, versatility, skill, and focused attention to industry standards and regulations. 

Our customers know they can trust Jack and Japhet  and learn about our range of services. We live in an increasingly globalized society where a lot of people live far away from where their food is sourced. Even when goods are produced and sold domestically, vast distances often separate the dinner table from the farm. Jack and Japhet finds a solution to these issues by producing the feeling of "gourmet" to all our products as consumers are becoming more discerning about how their food is prepared, especially when processing is involved.

These challenges are very real, and they will become more pronounced as the gap between growers and consumers increases with time. But with Jack and Japhet by your side, it’s possible to consistently deliver quality products that are:

  • Easy to transport over vast distances
  • Safe to store for extended periods
  • Delicious to eat in any quantity or amount


Are we the right company to meet your needs? We like to think so, given our commitment to quality, flexibility and speed.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to customize options to suit whatever unique requirements you might have. If you need a solution that is different, let us know, and we’ll design one for you. We’ll continue adapting to your needs as they evolve with time.